How to get great results on V-Hub

List your coffees

We encourage you to share your coffees on V-Hub. Standard offer lists are rarely up-to-date and time consuming to update. Upload all your information privately and then publish what you want, when you are ready. V-Hub instantly connects your coffee offer list to a centralized market where thousands of coffee roasters are actively looking for coffees.

Description and amenities

Publish your coffees with complete, easy-to-read stories. Use maps, pictures, data tables, and detailed text to showcase coffee flavor, variety, processing, quality, origin, and warehouse location, all in real-time.

Create your account

Respond to requests

Great presentations increase sales. V-Hub saves roasters and sellers time and effort. V-Hub helps roasters make faster more informed buying decisions. On V-Hub, potential buyers will send you an online request when they are ready to buy. When you respond you can add additional costs (e.g. transportation) or give a discount. Once the final price is agreed, V-Hub passes on this information to the buyer.

Throughout the process you can communicate with your potential buyers via V-Hub messages. Replying quickly to incoming questions will help to keep your customers happy and up-to-date.

Sell your coffee

Ship your coffees

Once you have confirmed the sale, it's time to ship your coffees. Send the customer an invoice and coordinate transport. You can easily attach a final invoice to an order on V-Hub to keep all information in one place.

Setup your shop

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