What is V-Hub?

In a nutshell

V-Hub makes sourcing new, unique, and specific coffees simple. Hub is the place for green coffee sellers to post coffees and connect with buyers.

How does V-Hub help sellers?

V-Hub streamlines how you market and present your coffees. Offer your coffees and share their complete story to better inform buyers. It's easy to create and maintain a fully searchable and real-time offer list. Outdated spreadsheets and complex listings will no longer slow down your sales. All your offerings are in one location where buyers can access them at any time. Post sales follow up is reduced thanks to complete product information up front.


  • Leverage an extensive network of coffee buyers
  • Promote your coffees via online search optimised offer lists
  • Customize your own shop
  • Get coffees to your customers faster

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How does V-Hub help buyers?

Struggling to find great coffees across outdated offering lists and emails? V-Hub is a single place featuring coffees from suppliers across the world. It saves you time searching for great coffees. Browse coffees by flavor profiles, tasting notes, score ranges, varietals, origins and certifications. After selecting coffees, Hub makes sample requesting and coffee purchasing easy. Complete information reduces post purchase followup - you already have all the information you need to present your final product.

Get the world's best coffees, from the comfort of your home, with no extra costs!

  1. Browse coffees by origin, variety, processing, warehouses and flavors
  2. Request samples/Contact the seller directly
  3. Search coffee on your own schedule
  4. Save on unnecessary communication loops
  5. Get all relevant coffee information delivered with a click

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