How to sell on V-Hub: Managing of sample and order requests

Know who requested a coffee in real-time. V-Hub keeps you in the loop with notifications sent to your account.

  1. As soon as a buyer requests a sample or an order, V-Hub registers a notification and sends you an email.
  2. Check out your orders under Sales in the dashboard. You can sort orders by company or coffee. Unsure about working with a particular buyer? Feel free to ask for more information or decline their offer.
  3. Open an order to review details. You can upload documents or send messages to the buyer.
  4. You can either confirm or decline a request. Alternatively, you can apply additional costs (shipping) or discounts. After adding prices, send these terms to the buyer for review. They can then either accept or decline your offer. Once you have confirmed your sale, it's time to ship your coffees. Send the buyer an invoice and coordinate transport.


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